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Jon Morby, the founder and owner of Fido.Net originally started in IT as far back as 1982, and was one of the UK (and Europe’s) main importers of both email and echomail for the fidonet network of amateur bulletin boards, running the <-> Internet gateway from 1985 through to 1994.



Jon Morby – founder of Fido.Net.

Although enjoying a successful career in Stock Broking working out of the Birmingham Stock Exchange, Jon felt the real future was in the Internet; and after some persuasion by Demon’s then Managing Director Cliff Stanford, Jon joined Demon Internet Ltd, initially responsible for their Birmingham Point of Presence (PoP) from 1993 to 1995 and then moving to London in August 1995, initially to supervise Demon’s growing technical support team.

Demon was sold to Scottish Telecom in 1998 for £66.6m, and shortly afterwards Scottish Telecom were floated on the London Stock Exchange as Thus PLC in 1999.

By the time Jon finally left Demon at the end of 1999 he was their Advanced Technologies Manager reporting directly to Thus PLC’s COO (Phil Male) and responsible for managing the development and implementation of the next generation systems which Scottish Telecom (now Thus PLC) and Demon would be rolling out over the next 3-5 years – a far cry from his original days running a support desk of 5 staff or even a discretionary pension fund portfolio!

Jon moved to iii (The Interactive Investor PLC) where he ran both the internal systems as well as the online trading systems for the UK, Hong Kong and South Africa and saw iii float both themselves and also and then to Redbus Interhouse PLC where he was responsible for 14 data centers in 9 countries acting as General Manager of each individual company reporting back into the UK PLC.

In Jan 2002 took the step to take FidoNet from a small not for profit internet domain registry business into the mainstream of commercial Internet hosting, co-location and connectivity services focussing on providing quality services to UK businesses, in a similarly pioneering fashion to the days of Demon Internet only focussing on B2B this time instead of B2C.

In May 2003 Jon fulfilled a long term ambition and launched – the next generation of email, providing secure and trusted hosted email services. Beating Google to market by more than 6 months, was the leader in hosted collaborative email services for many years, offering 25GB of storage, video conferencing, shared calendars, contacts and webmail (with IMAP access).

2005 saw the launch of Fido Telecom Ltd, focussing on the delivery of VoIP telephony services and aiming to migrate customers away from BT’s aging 20CN network. Fido Telecom Ltd is still going strong, providing low cost SIP trunks and call routing services, as well as fax2email and hosted PBX solutions

2015 saw the launch of IX Brighton Ltd as part of the Brighton Digital Exchange (BDX). The BDX is a UK.Gov funded venture to upgrade connectivity in Brighton and Hove and make Brighton a Digital Catapult City.


2017 Jon launches JFDI – The Joint Film Development Initiative.  JFDI’s mission is to help aspiring Film Makers to make films.  Working to raise funding from the community and take the administrative burden away from film makers so that they can focus on being creative and doing what they do best.


Jon is both a keen film maker and also enjoys both skiing and scuba diving (when he’s not knee deep in technology) and holds several PADI qualifications, as well as holding both a UK and US Pilots license, and associated instrument ratings.


A potted list of technologies and experiences

  • Routing and Networking
    • TCP/IP (IPv4 and IPv6)
    • BGP
    • OSPF
    • MPLS
    • JunOS / Cisco IOS and RouterOS
    • Quagga / Zebra / GateD / BIRD
    • OpenBGPD / OpenOSPFD
    • Router Servers
    • Peering
    • IP Transit
  • DNS and Anycast
  • RIPE and ARIN including LIR
  • Network Security and Authentication
    • Firewalls
      • Cisco ASA
      • Checkpoint Firewall 1
      • IP Tables
      • Netfilter
      • BSD / PF
    • PCI Compliance
    • SSL / TLS
    • RADIUS
    • Yellow Pages / NIS
  • Storage Technologies
    • FreeNAS / TruNAS
    • NetApp
    • iSCSI / NFS / DFS
    • CIFS / SAMBA
  • Email Services
    • Exchange
    • Zimbra
    • CommuniGate Pro
    • Dovecot / Cyrus
    • Sendmail / Postfix
    • IMAP / POP / SMTP
    • Procmail
    • Fetchmail
  • Web Technologies
    • LAMP Development
    • Programming
      • PHP
      • Perl
      • Scripting (BASH, KSH, etc)
      • Frameworks including
        • Zend
        • CodeIgniter
        • Laravel
    • Database Technologies
      • MySQL
      • MariaDB
      • SQLlite
      • MongoDB
      • NoSQL
  • Virtualisation Services
    • VM Ware
    • SWSoft / Parallels / Odin Cloud Server
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • OpenStack / CloudStack
    • Ceph / Swift
    • Virtuozzo / OpenVZ
    • KVM and Xen
    • Citrix Xen Server
    • OnAPP
    • Proxmox
    • Docker
  • Configuration and Messaging Systems
    • RabbitMQ / ActiveMQ / ZeroMQ
    • Puppet & Chef
  • Web Hosting Billing and Automation Systems
    • Parallels Business Automation
    • WHMCS
    • Hostflow
    • HostBill
  • Internet Domain Registries (Wholesale)
    • eNom
    • OpenSRS
    • SRSPlus
  • OSX, Windows Server (NT4 through to 2012), Linux (Redhat and Ubuntu), FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD
  • Other technologies and experiences
    • Final Cut Pro X (Non Linear Video Editing)
    • Sound, Lighting and Production (Theatro Technis and Theatre Collection, UK)
    • Theatrical Trailers and Documentary Shorts –
  • Desktop Applications
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc)
    • Apple iSuite (Keynote, Pages, Numbers, etc)
    • PhotoShop / InDesign



Stage and Theatre


      • Theatro Technis 2012-2013
        Theatro Technis, Camden, London

        • Deputy / Stage Manager
          • Oedipus
          • Antigone
          • Oedipus at Colonus


      • Theatre Collection 2013 – 2015
        The Lord Stanley, Camden

        • Marketing and Promotional
          • Video Production, Marketing and advertising
            • Lolita
            • M Bovary
            • Dead Souls
            • Richard III
            • Achieve Your Potential


      • Theatre Collection 2014 – 2016
        Barons Court Theatre, Kensington

        • Stage Manager
          • Chekhov – Ward 6
          • Bolgakov – Master and Margarita
          • Nabokov – Invitation to a beheading
        • Producer
          • Nabokov – Invitation to a beheading


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