Work, Rest and Play

If you’re here looking for Jon Morby “the Internet Guru” then you probably want (Hosting and Domains) or (Corporate Services and Consultancy)


Or the Telecoms Guy – You want FidoTelecom



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If you’re looking for Jon Morby “the Photographer” then hop on over to Jon’s Photo Gallery

Rationalising the “brand”

Ok, so over the years I’ve always tried to get “jmorby” as my nic/handle … however I seem to have missed the boat slightly with the current social media craze and as a result I have a mixture of handles

I’ve now tried to rationalise things a little and as a result I now have the following handles


So now I just need to start building the followers …. Starting from 0 in Jan 2017


I’ve decided to start publishing my diary … whether or not you’ll find this stuff interesting is anyone’s guess, but do feed back and let me know!


Regular updates can be found online on YouTube at