Summary of costs and expenses to date (Budget including boat acquisition was £32,000)

Replacement Anchor and 60m anchor Chain£1,500
Electrical Repairs and maintenance£500
Lifejackets (6 adult, 2 children)£2,000
Rigging and mast repairs£7,500
Aft cabin mattress replacement (seriously water damaged)£228
Pre-launch preparations and boat lift costs£600
Hydrovane Repairs£150
Safety Harnesses£500
Temporary Mooring costs during mast repairs (ongoing at £1,000 per month)£2,000
Tender and outboard (yet to be purchased)£1,750
Boat Survey£370
Boat cost£23,000
Bedding, supplies, tools, repairs and other Amazon purchases (July 2021)£2,600
Amazon purchases (shower repairs, plumbing supplies and misc) (Aug 2021)£750
EVA Foam to repair/replace decking£360
Danbuoy, life preserver and other safety equipment£500
Current Total: £44,571 as at 5th August 2021

It is worth noting that even if I had bought a more modern boat, perhaps an old charter yacht or similar, I would still have many of the above expenses and I would have paid £100k for the boat, not £23k. I don’t have £100k so that wasn’t an option anyway.

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