Geneticide – Producers Pitch

Due to re-arranged classes and prior travel commitments, it wasn’t possible to pitch to the class before I flew off for Xmas with the family.

To ensure potential Directors get a chance to find out more about my planned short film, I have put together a short piece to camera and a slide deck which hopefully outlines the idea and will be enough for potential Directors to come forward and put their hat in the ring.

Jon’s Producers Pitch for Geneticide (Short) 2019

Now you’ve watched it, care to share your thoughts and provide some feedback?

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2 Replies to “Geneticide – Producers Pitch”

  1. We all enjoyed the pitch, Jon. Well done!

    Can you please elaborate on
    – What kind of director are you looking for?
    – What do you want the audience to feel?

    The class all hope you’re having a lovely time in Spain.

    1. Thanks Patricia

      I’m looking for a Director with vision and who enjoys SciFi. I’m looking for someone who will make this into a stylish and thought-provoking film. Someone who will take the project on board and add their own personal stamp to it.

      I want the audience to empathise with the characters but also to think “how far is too far?!” … not just to be entertained but to be challenged too!

      And yes, Spain is wonderful! … 21C .. what’s not to like 🙂

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