Josh’s Anti Littering PSA

So, after several aborted attempts due to weather (snow in March!) and with a looming deadline, I offered to meet Josh on Friday and head down to an orchard near his house to film his PSA.

The plan was simple … a guy walks through a park, throws an empty bottle into a bush and the bush fights back.

I had just taken delivery of my new Ronin-M … so I thought this would be a great opportunity to fire it up and give it a test.

Josh only wanted to film in 1080p, so I reduced the GH5 to the lowest quality it could do (150MB/sec 1080p) and off we went.


An hour or so later we had more than enough coverage for his PSA, and job done.

An easy, painless and fun shoot with Josh and his better half Sarah.  

Getting the footage (11GB) to Josh proved slightly problematic as Google Drive ate the footage, however, I threw it onto an SD card and dropped it around to his house on my way to Bamba’s shoot on Sunday.


Oh, and Josh had to learn how to colour grade as we were shooting in VLog-L … but the end footage looks quite good!

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